Outbid Competition

Paid search marketing is an invaluable element to a complete and effective digital marketing strategy. It is essential to use both an organic and paid search strategy to ensure you are not just visible, but also converting with the right users.

It is crucial to continuously evaluate current and past paid marketing campaigns to uncover new and additional opportunities to increase traffic and conversions, as well as optimize our cost per click (CPC) and cost per acquisition (CPA).

We achieve this through a variety of strategic avenues, including assessing competitive intelligence and employing keyword research while monitoring, adjusting, tracking, and measuring performance on a granular level.

In addition to traditional paid search execution in search engines and on social media channels, we also run display advertising, video pre-roll, and ad retargeting in our mix for a full-blanket approach from a paid standpoint with a wide variety of vendors and media channels.

Strategic Planning Starts Here

outbid competition