Shea Lynch

SEO Strategist

Shea has many passions in life, including analytics and combining creativity with data to help his decision-making process. To say he loves strategizing and finding the best course of action for a client and their goals would be an understatement!

Originally going to school for Documentary Filmmaking, this led him to start to learn more about web video and marketing. Since video is such an integral part of marketing, he found himself learning more and more about analytics and content marketing.

This launched his career as a marketer and gave him the necessary skills to be where he is today.

As an SEO Strategist, it is his goal to find trends and areas for improvement, with a focus on organic search and how Elevation Ten Thousand can help clients show higher in the rankings.

When Shea isn’t at work, he enjoys spending time with his husband, hiking, and playing video games. He has also spent a bit of time traveling and would love to visit Ireland one day.

portrait of Shea Lynch, senior SEO analyst at Elevation Ten Thousand with his arms crossed leaning against a brick wall