Lindsey Garrant

Senior SEO Analyst

It has become a common occurrence to classify occupations as either “left-brained” or “right-brained” — but Lindsey doesn’t see it that way.

As a Senior SEO Analyst for Elevation Ten Thousand, she realizes her “right-brained” tendencies help her with writing and communication, while data analysis and crunching numbers encourages her to use the left side of her brain.

That’s a notion we can certainly get behind!

Even though she is a recent college graduate, that shouldn’t fool you. While majoring in Media Management at St. John Fisher College, Lindsey held five internships. In addition to interning at our office, she gained experience from a healthcare provider, nonprofit, public relations firm, and a cause-marketing agency.

Spending time in different professional settings gave her the unique opportunity to figure out where she wanted to be after graduation.

The constant flow of work, high-energy, in addition to the hustle and bustle of an agency brought Lindsey back to us.

Her passion for storytelling and data analysis allows her to communicate in a way that benefits search engines and consumers.