2019 ADDY Awards Proved to be a Big Night for the Elevation Ten Thousand Team

By Sara Smida / March 6, 2019 / Advertising, Branding & Design Blog Archives

The Capital Region Ad Federation (CRAF) 2019 ADDY Awards was held in the GE Theatre, located inside Proctors on Wednesday, February 27th. Awards are given to entrants in a variety of categories including Local Television, Photography Campaign, Video Editing and more.

Each year a theme helps to shape the evening. The theme this year was Craf(t), which was a celebration of the methods that go into each craft.

Whether it’s on paper, behind the camera, or bringing something to life on a computer screen, our profession is a craft.

Our craft is something that makes us extremely proud and we love to lend our expertise in a multitude of ways. This year, we were approached by Craf to create a video to use as the opening of the show. It also resulted in a teaser trailer to create anticipation leading up to the event.

It was a snowy night in the Capital Region that proved to be eventful for the Elevation Ten Thousand team.

Team photo of 14 adults in dress attire standing in front of the Craf backdrop holding 12 ADDY awards

Narrowing out the competition, we are fortunate to call 12 of these awards ours. Only one other agency was able to take home as many awards as our incredibly talented team.

ADDY Awards Categories

Submitting work for multiple industries including automotive, pest control, and financial advisors, earned the Elevation Ten Thousand team three gold ADDYs and nine silver ADDYs.

Winners in categories such as Online/Interactive, Advertising Industry Self-Promotion, to the coveted Betsy Award prove the winners have what it takes to be the best-of-the-best.

ADDY Gold Awards

Our team took home three Gold ADDYs. Two of which were for a commercial created for Maserati of Albany entitled The Call.

The 30-second spot required a multitude of man hours, but the outcome is worth its weight in gold (see what we did there?).

The winning categories for The Call were Local Television Commercial :30 Seconds and Elements of Advertising – Film and Video – Video Editing.

two adults in dress attire holding a gold ADDY award standing in front of the Craf backdrop at the ADDY awards

Elevation Ten Thousand’s third gold ADDY Award for the evening was in the Poster Campaign category for the submission of the Catseye Pest Control Hero posters created by Senior Designer, James Lewis-Van Vorst.


three superhero posters with the Catseye Pest Control mascots Brawny, Caddie, and Brainy

“The posters were heavily inspired by the recent barrage of superhero movie posters which focus on the heroes themselves. Catseye already has superhero-like mascots,” Lewis-Van Vorst explained of his Poster Campaign winning submission. “So that led to the idea to create some really epic movie posters for Catseye’s office. They liked them so much that we created a corresponding Villain Series as well.”

ADDY Silver Awards

The evening was rounded out with nine silver ADDY Awards. Winning categories and submissions were:

The categories of Photography Campaign and Sound Design were particularly exciting. The team as was awarded with two silver ADDYs in each of those categories.

Our work on The Call for Maserati of Albany earned a silver ADDY in the Sound Design category in addition to our Rat City Trailer created for Catseye Pest Control.

Just as exciting was taking home an award for designing Elevation Ten Thousand branded pieces of swag.

two adult women holding a silver ADDY award in front of the Craf backdrop at the ADDY award ceremony

“I thought a lot about the meaning of the word ‘elevation.’ Hiking and visual surroundings were a source of inspiration,” Annemarie Dolfi explained of her design concept that won the Advertising Industry Self-Promotion Brand Elements category. “Then it clicked, incorporating an elevation marker was essential. The goal was to match my design to what our company stands for. Taking brands to new heights.”

Branded Elevation Ten Thousand notebooks, coasters, and stickers on a wood table in front of a white backdrop

Dolfi’s inspiration and concept is what drives our craft at Elevation Ten Thousand. No matter the client or industry, our goal is to raise the brand to new heights.

The pieces entered for judging showcased the unique talent that can be found throughout the Capital Region. We would like to sincerely congratulate each of the winners in every category. We look forward to seeing next year’s submissions!

We would also like to thank our clients for putting their faith — and brands — in our hands while allowing us to create pieces that are truly unique and showcase what makes them who they are.

Special thanks to James Lewis-Van Vorst for his long hours and dedication. Not only to his work at Elevation Ten Thousand but also the hours spent putting together and co-hosting the 2019 ADDY Awards.

And we can’t forget our fearless leader, David Miclette. The confidence he has in the team, and his open mind for creativity, allows all of us at Elevation Ten Thousand to focus on what we do best — our Craf(t).