How We Transformed Catseye into a Household Name

The Catseye Pest Control brand is a household name in any region where it does business. And that’s not an accident.

Combine Catseye’s superior customer service and industry-leading pest control practices with the innovative marketing tactics and strategies implemented by the team at Elevation Ten Thousand, and you’re working with a true recipe for success. Just ask our customers. Or take a deep dive into the Catseye brand and see for yourself.

From its creative TV, radio, and online advertising spots to custom vehicle wraps, business cards, and brand brochures, Elevation Ten Thousand has the tools, creativity, and drive to make the best brands shine the way they should.

It obviously didn’t stop there. We exposed the Catseye brand to every digital channel we believed would have an impact, and continued to build on the successes that propelled Catseye to the forefront of the pest control industry. We didn’t just improve its website or capitalize on social media — we formed real relationships with Catseye customers to make sure the brand was exceeding expectations and leaving its mark on an industry that is rarely considered attractive or glamorous.

We offered some of the best industry insight in the market to ensure Catseye customers and potential customers were informed and educated; we knew that meant they’d depend on Catseye when they made important decisions like where to spend their hard-earned dollar. 

We strived to make the Catseye brand fun and welcoming, but also show it is and should be the most trusted name in pest control.

We want to do more than just get your brand noticed; we want your brand to stand out like no other and be top-of-mind when it matters most. It makes all the difference to your customers, and it drives the real successes of your brand.

Founded in 1987 in the Albany, New York, area, it didn’t take long for the Catseye brand to catch on thanks to its quality service offering and successful pest-prevention practices. Today, the brand has expanded throughout the Greater Capital District of New York (from Lake George through Saratoga, Clifton Park, and Albany, all the way down through Poughkeepsie), throughout the states of Massachusetts and Connecticut, and in Southwest Florida.

The high quality of pest control service offered by Catseye made it only a matter of time before the brand saw monumental success, but the marketing efforts executed by Elevation Ten Thousand in coordination with Catseye leadership served as a catalyst for the brand that would prove to be unparalleled.

"For years, Elevation Ten Thousand has been the agency behind the Catseye Pest Control brand. They have regularly advised us on how to grow our business and drive more leads. We’ve used them for all of our agency needs, from managing our website, social media, and our ad campaigns to creating our logos, videos, uniforms, and even installing our truck wraps. They do it all to the highest of standards! I cannot recommend them highly enough."

Joe Dingwall, President, Catseye Pest Control

Graphic Design

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