Lukas Smida

Web Developer

Lukas has been working as a website developer for seven years, but his experience began even before that, when he was in college.

His interest in technical support started when he worked for the IT Help Desk at SUNY Oneonta.

After that, his professional interests transitioned to web development and design.

While at SUNY Oneonta, Lukas earned a Computer Art degree and a programming degree. While these dual degrees relate to web development, much of what Lukas has learned has come from hands-on experience.

He finds inspiration and keeps up with industry updates through a number of web development-related websites and podcasts like Syntax and ShopTalk.

Lukas also finds inspiration in those he works with. In a close-knit agency like Elevation Ten Thousand, we often find motivation and encouragement from the members of our team.

If he wasn’t working at E10K, Lukas would either be a chef or an electronic music composer.

Even though we love delicious food and electronic music as much as the next person, we’re glad Lukas found his passion for web development and has joined our team.

adult male wearing a blue and white plaid shirt standing in front of a brick wall