Josh Wells

Print Shop Production

For Josh, learning is a never-ending process and is always trying to learn new things that he can apply to his professional and personal life.

This desire to learn has given him the gumption to work in the apparel, print, and marketing industries his entire life.

Before working at Elevation Ten Thousand, Josh wore many different hats. From touring in a band, entrepreneur, screen printing, and marketing he has always done exactly what he loves — creating something great.

At a young age, Josh dreamt of playing music and traveling the world. The beauty is that he was able to achieve this goal, which gave him the opportunity for new goals. His ongoing dream now is to be part of a business that brings value to others, and help others unleash their potential while fully realizing his own.

When he isn’t applying his expertise at work Josh can be found spending time with his wife, making music, studying Philosophy, Economics, Business, and Marketing.

He also loves crypto currency, and arguably knows the most about it out of everyone in our office.

portrait of Josh Wells, who works in print shop production at marketing agency Elevation Ten Thousand in Latham, NY