Our Story

It can be difficult to gauge the big picture of projects or ideas by standing right in front of them. How do you see and plan for the far-reaching goals? When we are challenged to step up and visualize the magnitude of a project or idea, John Gagne, our CEO and Founder, often reiterated a phrase that inspired us:

“Take a step back,” Gagne would say. “Look at this from ten-thousand feet. See the bigger picture.”

And that is exactly how we operate.

At Elevation Ten Thousand, we provide businesses with the powerful tools and strategies to strengthen their brand’s image and solidify their staying power. We implement proven methods for effective exposure, accelerated growth, breeding new ideas, and invigorating company culture.

We believe in everyone having a voice, everyone contributing, and everyone’s ideas being heard. We focus on fostering a collaborative environment and a people-centered culture — because that’s what fuels our creativity. And we create work we’re proud of.

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