DePaula Chevrolet

Elevation Ten Thousand was lucky enough to have a working relationship with the car dealership DePaula Chevrolet since the original Catseye USA media house worked on marketing efforts for outside clients in addition to the internal efforts for Catseye Pest Control.

Those outside clients we worked with in various capacities early in our agency’s journey luckily consisted of high-quality brands like DePaula Chevrolet and the multiple DePaula automobile brands that are top players in the Capital Region. Our relationship with DePaula has only grown bigger and stronger since.

Of course, the Catseye USA media house was later enhanced and rebranded into the Elevation Ten Thousand we have today, and our relationship with one of the most powerful auto dealer brands in the Capital District in DePaula is one we are extremely proud of.

From general branding efforts like employee business cards and vehicle wraps on many different makes and models, to building an internal dealership website for all of its employees to simplify the process for browsing and purchasing branded uniforms and clothing accessories, Elevation Ten Thousand has partnered with DePaula Chevrolet on a number of different projects in a multitude of ways and capacities. And we’ve earned many successes from these partnerships and the hard work of both our agency and responsive clients like DePaula.

We didn’t just build the internal website for employees’ uniforms and apparel either — we also produced every article of clothing sold to DePaula employees on the website, offering a plethora of customized options and details while bringing the internal-apparel operation around full circle.

We’ve also been executing video production work for DePaula for years that is used as TV commercials and digital pre-roll ads across the web, both in partnership with DePaula’s third-party associates, as well as by ourselves, from start to finish.

"The customer service you receive from Elevation Ten Thousand is second to none. The superior quality of their people and attention to detail is something that is missing from many businesses today. They bring an energy, enthusiasm, and passion to their industry that is contagious. They are on the cutting edge of modern-day advertising and merchandising across all mediums. E10K is a true partner and a pleasure to do business with."

Paul Lynch, DePaula Auto Group

Graphic Design


Vehicle Wraps & Graphics

Apparel Design & Production