Alfa Romeo of Albany

We love getting our hands on a high-quality, legendary brand. So, working with Alfa Romeo of Albany was an absolute thrill, and it continues to be every day.

Elevation Ten Thousand has been working with the luxury auto brand Alfa Romeo prior to it officially moving to Albany, New York, via the Alfa Romeo of Albany dealership. What began with video production, event photography, and a custom vehicle wrap on a sharp 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia, soon turned into a full marketing-services contract that includes website maintenance, SEO, paid search, media buying, social media, reputation management, and general branding.

We were lucky enough to be given “the keys” to drive this luxury auto brand as it arrived in the Capital District; we just needed to strategically market the new dealership, its vehicle and service offerings, and start driving customers in the door.

The Alfa Romeo brand and high-quality standard certainly aided our efforts —marketing a top-notch product or service make the job that much easier (incredibly easier!). It also allowed a real passion to shine through in our marketing of these incredible automobiles, driven by the sheer class and style of Alfa Romeo that has been well-known and idolized for more than 100 years.

The overall marketing strategy was multi-faceted and went well beyond the idea of simple local search optimizations and advertising. In addition to crucial local search strategy audits and implementations, we focused on the power of visuals — primarily video and photo — since words oftentimes just don’t do this brand justice.

We also focused on the Alfa Romeo of Albany social media channels and the many third-party car-dealer websites, as well as other high-value referral opportunities across the Web, especially those for luxury car brands. The key wasn’t just more and better visibility, but true user engagement, trust-building, and relationship-building through all possible channels.


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