Theresa D’Aiello

Human Resources Coordinator

Theresa has been flexing her muscles in human resources for so many years, she’s almost lost track of how long it has been.

Prior to joining Elevation Ten Thousand, Theresa worked in the hospitality, financial, and healthcare industries in administrative and client/customer-facing capacities.

She enjoys the dynamics of her job because there is always something new to conquer each day, keeping Theresa on her toes.

In fact, Theresa is passionate about her job and strives to stay on top of what’s happening in her field.

To do so, she is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

Outside of work, her friends, family, and hobbies keep her moving. Theresa would love to become a 46er after climbing the High Peaks. And she’s on her way to completing the goal!

On her bucket list is taking a cross country road trip where she can see as many national parks as possible.

If she weren’t working in her current field, Theresa would put her passion for adventure to good use and become a travel photographer. Alternatively, she would consider becoming a psychologist, a musician, or an artist.