Sara Watson


Whether it’s work related or in her personal life, Sara loves helping other people. Directing someone to the proper department, individual they need, or answering questions is very important to her.

Sara helps keep our office moving in the right direction by lending a helping hand whenever someone needs it and taking on tasks that can contribute to everyday production. Even if it’s something as simple as being ear to listen to a coworker. Planning team-building activities, events, and scheduling meetings are all in a day’s work!

Being passionate about workplace culture and the office environment goes hand-in-hand with ensuring everything runs smoothly and the staff enjoys their time at the office.

In her personal life, Sara has always had a passion for friends, family (including her golden retriever Calvin), and expanding her mind. She moved to Germany after high school and lived there over the course of four years. During their time overseas, she traveled Europe extensively and loved taking in everything other countries offer.

During her time in Europe, Sara brought a life-long goal to fruition — visiting Paris. She studied French throughout school, so visiting the Louvre, watching the Eiffel Tower light up, eating crepes and macrons was wonderful to check off of her bucket list.