Sara Smida

Content Strategist

From early on, Sara knew she wanted to be a storyteller. This led to her pursuing degrees in Mass Media Communications and in Journalism.

Honing her skills, putting pen to paper (or keystrokes on a computer screen as the case may be) she has worked with a multitude of clients from almost every industry. Bringing their stories to life through content that is both compelling and meaningful keeps her moving forward.

Working closely with members of the Elevation Ten Thousand SEO team, she is able to create pieces of organic content to surpass the needs of our clients.

When she isn’t in the office bringing words to life, you will find her spending time with her husband and their two cats, reading (any genre, any author — but mostly Stephen King), cheering at rock concerts, and enjoying quality time with the little ones who call her “aunt”.

And if it’s summer, soaking up the sun on Lake Ontario (while wearing SPF 50).