Michael Lazzari

Digital Strategist

Mike has spent 12 years in the marketing industry honing his skills in email marketing, search engine marketing, and social media. Over the course of his professional career his passion for growth and knowledge has driven him to push the boundaries, think up new strategies, and troubleshoot along the way.

Understanding human behavior and why people react in certain ways can be attributed to his education in Sociology and Criminal Justice. In a way, SEM can be like Sociology. Both areas are geared towards successfully figuring out different behaviors based on data and research.

If Mike wasn’t doing what he does today he would like to be a head brewer at a local brewery. Overall, he loves craft beer and the creativity involved with the recipes and the community. Instead, Mike puts his creativity into his digital campaigns at Elevation Ten Thousand.

When he isn’t at work, Mike enjoys spending time with his family, especially watching his daughter grow and making sure she has what she needs to flourish.

Mike also has a personal goal to visit every state because each one has something unique to offer. So far, he’s visited 21!