Matt Goodwin

Senior Paid Search Strategist

As a Senior Digital Strategist, Matt has a knack for telling stories in a way that the data makes sense and solving problems so that the data makes cents (ba-dum-dum-ch). Solving problems, eureka moments, and having a client feel good about a campaign he’s worked on is what drives him each day.

Prior to joining the Elevation10K team, Matt was flexing his digital campaign muscles at other agencies. But, before finding his passion in the digital realm, he was heavily invested in the world of graphic design. If he wasn’t bringing campaigns to life, he would be a graphic designer or a voice actor.

Something Matt has always wanted to do but hasn’t been able to do yet, is consistently hit a golf ball straight. With enough practice playing Golden Tee in our arcade, we think he can make it happen!

If he isn’t at work, Matt enjoys spending quality time with his fiancé and kids, creating memories on family vacations, checking out new music, and searching Google for answers to life’s burning questions.