Josh Izykowski

Print Shop Coordinator

Originally from Saratoga Springs, New York, Josh has been working in the field of apparel design and printing for over six years — but he’s been honing his skills for most of his adult life.

Prior to joining the Elevation Ten Thousand team, Josh majored in Illustration while attending the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY.

While at school, and the years after graduating, he has spent much of his time crafting his skills in art, design, screen printing, and music.

His major helped to forge a creative career path, even though he spent a brief period of time as a Bodily Injury Specialist for an insurance agency.

Even though that sounds fascinating, Josh needed something that allowed him to spread his artistic wings. Which is lucky for our crew as he has brought an immeasurable amount of talent to our print shop.

Josh has always dreamed of releasing a self-produced album and designing an album cover for a band he enjoys listening to.

Although neither have happened yet, the former is on the horizon. He still has his fingers crossed on the latter.

blue cartoon yeti with white fur wearing aviator sunglasses