Emily Paulsen

Digital Marketing Strategist

Emily has always loved strategizing and figuring out why things happen a certain way. So, it only made sense for her to study Advertising and Sociology while in college. Before joining the team, she spent time as an Account Manager and in SEO and digital positions.

Her experiences have given her the prowess she needs to work with clients of varying industries with a multitude of different needs. She’s a bit of a natural when it comes to strategizing, analyzing data, and coming up with a solution.

Outside of the office, Emily loves to travel, experience new and exciting things, and spend time with her boyfriend and family — which includes her dog, Sam.

For fun, she took the Meyers-Briggs personality test and learned that she is an ENFJ. In essence, this is considered to be “The Protagonist”. Pretty much confirming that she likes to make people happy and feel good about themselves.