Emily Frany

Business Development

For Emily, helping others is something that has rooted itself in her soul. Focusing her Business Administration degree in Marketing, she strives to do more for clients and to help them find the best approach that will assist with their needs and achieve their goals.

This desire to help others can be credited to her dad, who Emily says showed her that hard work pays off and that it helps to have a positive outlook on life. If she wasn’t working at Elevation Ten Thousand, she would still find herself working fulltime at a nonprofit in a capacity where she could help people.

She has always wanted to travel Europe. Visiting the van Gogh museum in Amsterdam would be the first stop on her trip. The only other thing that would make her life complete is meeting The Rock.

When she isn’t in the office, she is either spending time with her family, binge watching Marvel movies or anything with The Rock, or working with Erin’s Love Bugs — a nonprofit organization created to financially assist those who are battling cancer.