Blake Cortright

Video Producer

As a natural-born storyteller, Blake has transformed his ability for listening to others into a means of bringing stories to life on film.

He has spent much of his career traveling the Adirondacks and capturing the natural beauty of the landscape and everything the area has to offer visitors. Over the years, his work has been featured on PBS and movie theaters throughout the state of New York. If you’ve ever seen The First Encampment or The 46ers Film, then you already know Blake and his work.

Blake is inspired by the people he works with and the stories clients want to share. He also finds inspiration in watching films and videos from other professionals in the industry.

Blake credits his parents for helping him to become who he is today. They were instrumental in shaping his life as well as his outlook on the challenges life has handed him.

A mixture of formal study and real-world techniques has given him the prowess he needs to tackle projects and bring visions to life.

While he has proven himself to be a fantastic storyteller, Blake aims to direct a feature length narrative film at some point in his career.