Ally Shivka

Art Director & Senior Graphic Designer

Early in her life Ally new she had a passion for creating works of art; either through graphic design work or bringing comic books to life through pictures.

As a designer, she is most passionate about effectively communicating concepts in a way that is both beautiful and meaningful, not only for the client, but also for consumers. Her creativity and thoughtful designs help consumers make informed decisions about products and what they’re getting.

When she isn’t in the office creating works of art, Ally is passionate about supporting local, creative endeavors. Much of which includes community theater, art, and libraries.

Before realizing her love for graphic design, she had plans to pursue a career as a comic book artist. But she could also see herself working in a university doing a deep dive on the roots of fairy tales and folklore.

Ally also hopes to travel to and experience the vast culture Japan has to offer within the next few years.