Super Bowl Commercial Analysis for 2018

By Nicole Rice / February 5, 2018 / Advertising, Branding & Design Blog Archives

Super Bowl commercials have become just as important as the game these days. And, being in the marketing and advertising business, the team at Elevation Ten Thousand pays extra attention to the different brands and their messages throughout the Big Game.

This year, we took the time to break down our favorite commercials, and talk about what made them special to each of us. Check it, and let us know what your favorite Super Bowl commercial was this year, as well as in years past.

Febreze: “The Only Man Whose Bleep Don’t Stink”

Reviewed by Sam Hollingsworth

It’s hard not to like Febreze’s #BleepDontStink commercial, which aired during the second quarter of the Super Bowl between the Patriots and Eagles.

Its light-hearted comedy is a fun play on the powerful odor-killing Febreze product that, fortunately for “Dave,” was never used by him or his family since he is an odorless gift from the Gods. You know his parents loved him as a baby (I wish my kid’s bleep didn’t stink), all the way through high school.

My favorite part of the 30-second spot is the high school janitor mopping up the locker room and claiming he missed Dave, which further reiterates just how amazing it would be to not give off any stinky smells as a functioning human.

That’s not the case, though. Not for anyone. So, while it’s clearly a large stretch of the imagination for someone’s “bleep” to not stink, it’s just not reality. And, for that reason, everyone can use some Febreze.

And it’s true: having bleep that doesn’t stink is better than being a lawyer. It’s better than being anything except being odorless.

Hopefully, your Super Bowl party guests weren’t too stinky. Mine were. (And so was my beloved Patriots defense.) 🙁

NFL: “Touchdown Celebrations To Come”

Reviewed by Meg Lemerise

After a dismal season, Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. actually did make it to the Super Bowl!

Yes, I am a Giants fan but, no, that’s not why this commercial was my favorite. At least, it’s not the only reason why. Seeing OBJ and Eli break it down to the dance scene of one of my all-time-favorite movies made me laugh, probably a bit harder than I should have.

The ability to not take himself too seriously has always been something I appreciated about Manning; and it was refreshing to see Beckham take that approach, too. It was great to see the NFL — long considered the “No-Fun League” — produce such a lighthearted jab at itself and its ever-changing touchdown celebration rule.

I mean, if you can’t laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at?

Here’s hoping that Eli, OBJ, and the rest of the Giants squad keep practicing their moves and debut a live version of this spot during the 2018 regular season.

Tide: “It’s a Tide Ad”/”It’s Another Tide Ad”/”It’s Yet Another Tide Ad”/”It’s Yet Another Tide Ad Again”

Reviewed by James Lewis-VanVorst

This year, Tide’s commercials stole the show.

The first spot, “It’s a Tide Ad” set the tone for the rest of the night and had you thinking about Tide, no matter what the next commercial was actually for. Personally, every time there was a commercial break, I was secretly hoping a Tide ad would be on

As of the third quarter, Tide was tweeted more than any Super Bowl ad that wasn’t a movie trailer, according to Amobee. Tide even managed to get a Clydesdale into an ad before Budweiser in a comprehensive effort to mock nearly every staple of Super Bowl advertising.

This was a winning campaign that, for a least one night, had us forgetting about all the kids eating Tide Pods.

Doritos/Mountain Dew: “Doritos Blaze vs. Mtn Dew Ice”

Reviewed by Devin Meikle

Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman busted out their powerful hip hop lip-sync talents in the Doritos vs Mountain Dew ad.

Watching Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones strut his stuff while perfectly executing Busta Rhymes’ tongue-twisting verse from Chris Brown’s “Look at Me Now” was nothing short of hilarious. Only able to be matched by having Morgan Freeman, who is regarded as having one of the smoothest, most highly sought-after voices in Hollywood, rap to Missy Elliot’s “Get Your Freak On.”

Creatives took the route of humor, which quite literally, caught fire this year. The brands were able to captivate the viewers and heat things up during the big game. More importantly, they gave us something to laugh about with our co-workers on Monday morning.

M&M’s: “Human”

Reviewed by Geoff Arbuckle

I don’t think it was the best commercial from Sunday, but a favorite of mine has to be the M&M commercial with Danny Devito. To be honest, I’ve grown up loving everything he does. It’s like he was a part of my childhood. That may have masked the actual quality of the ad, but that alone is effective marketing. People attach themselves to people and characters. It wasn’t so much the subject matter, the story, or even the product.

Danny evoked an emotion for me, making it memorable. He reminds me of my father; short and bald.

Amazon: “Alexa Loses Her Voice”

Reviewed by Wanda Lewis

The concept of the commercial is hilarious. Alexa, an automated machine, who shouldn’t (couldn’t?) ever “lose her voice” does, leaving the team over at Amazon with the responsibility to figure out a new plan of action.

Someone has to answer people’s questions, right? They end up replacing her voice with various celebrities that are anything but helpful.

Ranging from Chef Gordon Ramsey doing what he does best (yell offensively) to Rebel Wilson setting the mood a little *too* well, to Cardi B playing her new song, “Bodak Yellow” when requested to play country music (if you haven’t heard it, that song is the complete opposite of country).

And of course, how could they not have Anthony Hopkins pop in at the end to help strike a little bit of fear into us (were those peacocks weird or what).