What is PPC Advertising & How Can It Help Your Business?

By Devin Meikle / February 20, 2018 / Digital Marketing Blog Archives, Paid Search

If you work in the world of digital marketing and you don’t already know the answer, it’s pretty likely you’ve found yourself asking, “What is pay-per-click advertising?”

Whether you’re new or old to online advertising, it never hurts to brush up on news and current trends.

PPC, which stands for pay-per-click advertising and is also known as search engine marketing (SEM), or simply “paid search,” is a tremendous online advertising method where, very literally, an advertiser pays for each time a user clicks on its sponsored ad.

These ads appear on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, but also across social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. The more platforms that arise, the more pay-per-click opportunities turn up across the Web.

There’s a market for PPC ads on YouTube, Yelp, Home Advisor, and Angie’s List, among the plethora of other platforms that are similar across different industries.

In simple terms — regarding paid-search ads specifically — this means you are paying search engines to allow visitors searching for your products or services to easily find your business.

With the ever-growing popularity of the internet, PPC advertising is just starting to boom. By effectively planning and executive a PPC strategy, you are more likely to generate traffic to your website, increase leads for your brand, as well as enhance productivity of your business.

With the use of paid search ads, you are going to see direct results while targeting an audience online that can potentially drive sales and/or brand recognition.

There are numerous reasons why PPC is important for a business, so I’ll focus on a few of the most important:

Paid Search Can be Extremely Cost Effective

With PPC, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. This gives you full control of your budget. Set specific daily budgets so that once that amount is reached, your ad will stop showing for the day and turn back on the following day with a full budget to spend. This allows you to be in control of how much you are spending, and when.

Paid Search is the Fastest Way to Reach Targeted Visitors

PPC almost instantly drives in targeted traffic. By choosing the keywords you want to trigger for your business, your ads can show up for specific searches that could, and should, potentially lead to increased sales and general business quicker than they will if you are just starting off organically.

Paid Search Ads Allow You to Determine When and Where Your Ads Show

Apply geo-targeting and ad scheduling to your campaigns. Geo-targeting allows you to choose what specific geographic locations you want to be visible in. Ad Scheduling determines the days and time of day you’d like to run your ads. This helps to ensure that you are generating traffic and leads during times and locations that are relevant for your business.

Paid Search Works Well With Other Digital Marketing Channels

Your key to online marketing success is being able to master all digital channels. PPC advertising paired with SEO and Social Media Marketing is a great equation for success. Each can help the other to improve the overall ranking of your site as well as cover different areas to reach more potential customers.

PPC advertising is appropriate for any business, small or large. It is something that everyone could do, however not everyone can do it right and drive the results specific to their business.

It’s essential to know what keywords to target, which geographical area makes the most sense, what verbiage to use in the ad copy, and which device you want to concentrate on targeting.

The right paid search specialist can help your business tremendously by managing and monitoring your PPC campaigns from start to finish. This increases the value of your paid campaigns in a multitude of ways. First, you’ll know exactly how much money you’re spending and where it is going, and you’ll see a clear-cut ROI. Secondly, your brand’s products and/or services would get the exposure they need, and they’d be seen by the right people at the right time.

Remember, the world of digital marketing never stops changing; it may be easiest to let the right team of professionals handle your paid search efforts and take your brand to the next level.

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