Top 5 Long Tail Keyword Results to Make us Laugh

By Shea Lynch / August 20, 2019 / Search Engine Optimization

Diving into analytics is one of my favorite tasks in Search Engine Optimization.

I love sifting through data points and being able to tell a story based on the trends.

These trends are driven by search queries made by people every day. And often, we can find some hidden gems in the long-tail results.

Let’s take a break from serious data analysis and have a chuckle at these humorous organic keyword results.

Sometimes it can be a fun game trying to figure out the intent of searchers.

5. How Do You Spell Maserati?

When it comes to names, especially for the automotive industry, the brand name is one of the most misspelled keywords.

Common misspellings for Maserati include: mazeratti, masseratti, mazzarati, macerati, maserti and masrati.

Misspellings used to be part of a robust keyword strategy, but with the use of neural matching from Google, we see a departure from focusing on these long-tail results.

Neural matching goes beyond semantics and utilizes artificial intelligence to identify queries relate to content.

4. A Very Long Event Title

While sifting through keyword results, one result stood out from the crowd — landing at number four on our list.

When a local event has a long title, a lot of the searchers will copy and paste the event title as a way to find more information.

The longest search result by far is a whopping 178 characters long.

The client received 10 clicks and 320 impressions for this long keyword.

Who would have thought?

3. How to Make Sure You Don’t Have Bed Bugs

For our pest control client, we tend to see a lot of searches involving signs and solutions for pest infestations.

But I’ve never seen such an anxiety-induced search as: “how to make sure you don’t have bed bugs.”

I can imagine the searcher furiously typing this query as they lift their mattress for the fourth time that morning. Shudder

2. Used Cars for Sale Near Me

What’s so funny about “used cars for sale near me”? More than you would assume.

Oddly enough, this search result appeared for a fireplace and outdoor furniture store.

There can be a variety of reasons for the outlying keyword results.

One of the main culprits are test pages business owners aren’t aware exist. These test pages come with website templates and can be indexed by Google.

So, even though we find a bit of humor in this search query, it can be a larger issue for business owners.

1. Do Termites Fart?

The search term that inspired this list — “do termites fart?”

Not only is this a top-ranking keyword, but it’s also a position 0 keyword for the pest control company.

Position 0 means the search term is pulling in a Featured Snippet.

Featured Snippets are an organically generated search engine result page (SERP) entry that extracts text from a web page and displays the information directly in the SERP.

Whereas the search term has only garnered 38 impressions, it is a true testament to long-tail keyword marketing.

So, there you have it, our favorite search terms that gave us a chuckle. Did you have a favorite?

If you aren’t sure what long-tail keywords mean for your business and why they’re so important, let us know!