Organizational Culture Has Positive Impact Beyond Company Employees

By Nicole Rice / July 6, 2018 / Company Culture

Supporting Local Businesses & Building Coworker Relationships 

Exterior of Sunshee's Farm & Kitchen red brick building restaurant

The team at Elevation Ten Thousand is an eclectic one.

It’s made up of parents, farmers, sports enthusiasts, artists, animal rescue advocates, music lovers, Flea Market Flip winners, golfers, trained chefs, and more. All of us collectively made up of a myriad of other unique qualities that take our lives in different directions.  

While our differences make us a dynamic (and successful) team, we do have a few core things in common with each other: we work hard, we play hard, and we love food.  

During a recent team meeting, we were discussing ways to connect more as a team and as a community. That’s when our Senior Social Media Strategist came up with a social-focused idea to bring a little excitement to our monthly lunches. Leading up to the last Friday of every month, we will ask the Instagram and Facebook communities to give input on what local business deserves some love.

This month, the tribe has spoken, and Sunhee’s Farm and Kitchen got the most votes for our Asian food category.

Pot luck style lunch of sushi rolls, korean bbq, and steamed dumplings


We ordered the large korean hors d’oeuvres, which included kimbap rolls, mandoo, kimchi scallion pancakes, and radish pickles. The trays were massive! We also got trays of the bulgogi (spicy beef) and the house chicken with purple rice. There was a little apprehension from our team members who haven’t explored different cuisines, but everyone ended up getting multiple plates to eat, and it was all eaten quickly.





Not only is the food at Sunhee’s amazing and accommodating for various diet restriction (looking at you, Celiac Disease), but the culture at the restaurant is one to admire. From Sunhee’s website:

“Sunhee’s core mission is driven by a passion for food and community, rooted in a Korean-American history, culture and identity we believe can be shared with all people regardless of race, ethnicity or nationality. Through social entrepreneurship, Sunhee’s hopes to create a safe space for cultural learning and innovative projects, all threaded together by food. Sunhee’s mission can be broken down into the following elements: positive food culture, community engagement, and immigrant/refugee empowerment.”

Sunhee’s owner, Jinah Kim, lives her mission in both the restaurant and her community. She was featured in a news segment for Inspiring Women of the Capital Region on the Albany-based ABC television affiliate WTEN for her success as a business owner and a provider of jobs for refugees, asylum seekers, or anyone else who may need a hand getting back on their feet.

Kim even offers English lessons to those wanting to learn. She is also working towards an expansion, gutting two buildings and converting them into a retail space, a production area to make kimchi (try the kimchi scallion pancakes!) and a larger place to hold the English classes.


Jinah Kim stacking trays of korean bbq in the kitchen of her restaurant

We, as restaurant customers, often don’t think about where our food comes from and who is making it. It’s also worth remembering that, by supporting local restaurants, we are also supporting local families and entrepreneurs trying to fulfill their dreams. As a local business itself, Elevation Ten Thousand also has a  responsibility to acknowledge its role in the local economy. We take pride in being able to recognize the power we have to help move the Capital Region forward, celebrating our many differences and empowering people from all backgrounds along the way.

Office culture in the form of lunches, an arcade, nerf gun fights, and World Cup matches on the televisions is great (really great, actually), but there is more to culture than that. As Elevation Ten Thousand continues to grow as a company, we promise to keep seeking out opportunities to build up the community and each other, and eat good food along the way.

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