Client Dedication Taken to the Next Level

By Sara Smida / April 17, 2019 / Content Strategy

When it comes to our clients and taking their brands to new heights, it’s more than a slogan.

It’s a way of life at Elevation Ten Thousand, and the dedication runs deep. We are prideful of that. And our clients love it.

So, when Alfa Romeo of Albany asked if our lead Content Strategist (me) wanted to visit the dealership and take an Alfa Romeo for a drive to gain an insider look at the full experience, I gladly accepted. (Who wouldn’t?!)

The Content Development Process

Much like all of our marketing services, the content development process is not one that we take lightly.

It takes time, effort, and means getting your hands dirty — at least figuratively speaking (usually) — but sometimes also literally.

When done properly, it plays a role in the overall, holistic search engine marketing strategy that brands in all industries need to utilize.

Whether it’s a unique, educational piece of content explaining ways to keep wildlife out of your house or the extensive history of a legendary automotive manufacturer, it takes a multitude of market, keyword, and topic research before content can be developed.

This dedication to clients and their brands allows Elevation Ten Thousand to produce thought-provoking messaging for our content marketing efforts.

Sometimes our research takes us out of the office and propels us into the clients’ world.

So be it. 😊

Turning an Experience into a Piece of Compelling Content

So, let’s start from the beginning.

While meeting with local luxury automotive client Alfa Romeo of Albany and discussing future strategies, it was proposed to Project Manager Meg Lemerise that someone from our team come to the dealership under the guise of a potential customer looking to purchase or lease a vehicle.

To ensure this process wasn’t tainted, only two people at the dealership knew I was visiting the showroom to conduct some of my research. Still, those two dealership employees had never met me, so it was still a surprise for them once they learned my real identity.

My childhood dreams of becoming a spy came true, if only for a moment.

Keeping my true identity a secret was an essential component to the research phase. Had they known who I was and the real reason why I was there, the outcome could have been very different.

The insider experience not only allowed me the opportunity to see how the dealership functions, but also offered a unique perspective to the vehicle-selection and purchasing process.

After running through the paperwork, looking over the vehicle, and learning how to maneuver through the high-tech features, it was time to get behind the wheel.

woman with brown curly hair wearing a black jacket sitting in a 2019 Alfa Romeo Giulia with two-tone brown and black leather car interior

Experiencing life at the dealership was only a small portion of my research, to get the full experience and aid in my car-specific research meant taking one out on the road and testing it myself.

While there are a multitude of resources available surrounding automotive topics, there’s nothing quite like firsthand experience.

Content Development & SEO

In total, I had the vehicle for 32 hours.

During this time, I drove it to and from work, a quick trip for photography purposes, and a visit to the carwash, of course.

new red 2019 Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti with LED headlights on inside a brick carwash tunnel

Spending time behind the wheel of a new Alfa Romeo gave me a perspective of the brand that would typically only be made possible for publishers such as Car and Driver and the individual consumer.

Was it a fun experience that any person with an appreciation for the automotive world would love? Yes, of course.

But, for a writer who works on content development for various industries, it provided more information than some of the resources found online.

Immersing myself into the field and getting my hands dirty — figuratively speaking this time, was a unique learning experience and readied me for the content ahead.

This amount of dedication and unique approach also lends itself to the importance of SEO for brands.

It isn’t enough to simply produce content. Brands and their team of marketers need to produce content that not only lives up to SEO standards but also fulfills the needs of the targeted audience.

Content that answers questions for consumers and furthers them along in the research phase.

Moreover, it is this level of dedication and strategic implementation of content development that gives our team the knowledge we to need to execute our plan.

It was like being a kid in a candy shop and my parents said get whatever you want, don’t hold back.